As the elves face extinction due to a natural crisis, their belligerent king is bent on self-preservation. It falls to reluctant hero Daniel to go in search of the White Fairy – his last hope for answers and his people’s last chance for a future.

An unforgettable cast of fairy tale creatures come together in this ground-breaking epic fantasy. With never-before-seen storytelling techniques, Fairydust is packed full of ingenious, inventive layouts and concepts which reflect the twists in the rich, fast-moving plot.

Fresh from his acclaimed thriller debut End from the Beginning, Taylor once again blends heart-stopping action, gut-wrenching passion and side-splitting humour – this time held together with a sprinkling of fairy dust. Join him for a journey the like of which the world has never seen before.

Date: 4 November 2013

Format: Hardback | Paperback | Kindle

ISBN: 9780956647795

Fairydust boasts a raft of unique layouts and features, specially designed to draw you into the magical world of Elfdom. Which will be your favourites?

Between the sparkles (Spoilers!)



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Leslie Wright, Blogcritics

Number 12: Signifies what is good and selfless.

  • Adding “elf” to the acronym “TWTH” (meaning death) spells “twelfth”. This sums up the resolution to the plot.

  • There are 12 members of the Council of Elders (hence “The Book of Twelve”).

  • Twelve centaurs prevent the raid on plants at the beginning of the book.

  • An eleven woman is pregnant for 12 months.

  • St. Andrew undertakes twelve training sessions with the Knights in his youth.

  • The existing advice on plant consumption has been in place for twelve generations.

  • There are 12 characters in “Stan Drewson”, if you include the space.

  • Andrew saved a boy from drowning when he was 12 years old.

  • Mufasöz has a 12-prong candelabra.

  • There are 12 candelabras in the throne room.

  • There are 144 (12x12) members of housekeeping staff in the palace.

  • There are 12,000 books in the palace library.

  • Story Goblin’s word search features 36 (12x3) words.

  • Andrew overpays Horace for the fish, giving him 12 sheckles.

  • Andrew gives Arlene (12x12) sheckles.

  • The Knights rode 12 across to save the princess.

  • A character is dead for 12 hours as part of the plot’s solution.

  • The artwork for the book was released at 12:12 BST on the day it was unveiled.

  • The prequel The Journey Begins was released on 12 December 2012, and marketed as 12/12/12.

  • The paperback cover features 12 windows on the palace.

  • The release date of the novel was 4 November 2013: 0+4+1+1+2+0+1+3 = 12.

  • From page 123 (where 12 and 3 appear together), the page numbers are replaced with letters spelling out Stan Drewson’s name.


Number 3: Signifies what is good and redemptive.

  • There are three major heroes: Daniel, Andrew and Tobias.

  • There are three years between Andrew and Maria.

  • Each of Andrew’s training sessions last three weeks.

  • Mufasöz checked his translation three times.

  • It took Maria three hours to solve Andrew’s riddle.

  • The items under 12 relating to TWTH, Story Goblin’s wordsearch, and page 123 also apply.


Number 4: Signifies evil. The palace is the only place where good and evil numbers coexist.

  • There are four warlocks.

  • Kailn sits four feet from his wife.

  • There are 4 drawing rooms an 16 (4x4) bedrooms in the palace.

  • Four elves try to carry out a raid at the beginning of the book.

  • Kailn demands all four canons are turned on the protestors.

  • Yofenkloch is the fourth leader of the dwarves.

  • Kenstrel claims to have four children.

  • The fourth word of the Story Goblin’s wordsearch does not appear.

  • Brandon stabs his potato four times.

  • The Story Goblin’s charity appeal requests four sheckles a month.

  • 44 people were injured at the public meeting.

  • TWTH is the four-letter symbol of death.

  • Jasper agreed with Kailn four times in their altercation.

  • Kailn is accused of being a murderer 16 (4x4) times in his breakdown scene.

  • Salaman demands 400,000 sheckles, and then 440,000, as payment.

  • A minority of four cast a vote of no confidence.

  • There are four archways between the door of Rodolon’s fortress and his chair.

  • Four then 8 (four doubled) are killed in the riots.

  • Daniel is struck four times by the warlocks.

  • Fraymadeski sustains four scratches to his cheek.

Red: Signifies positive traits.

  • Daniel and Andrew have red hair.

  • Daniel wears a red tunic.

  • Andrew’s royal cloak has red fur.

  • Maria’s hair clasp has a red jewel.

  • Jasper’s favourite tunic is red.

  • One of the fairies has red hair and wears a red dress. She is named with special significance to the author.

  • General Mershallar wears red armour.

  • There is an allusion to the biblical Red Sea.


Black: Signifies darkness and evil.

  • Rodolon’s name always features the vowels filled in black.

  • Kailn and Draidon have black eyes.

  • Temtep has a black tongue.

  • Salaman is black in snake form and has black hair in humanoid form.

  • During Kailn’s breakdown, his hallucinations wear black.


References to the author and his work

  • The story opens with a sigh, a nod to Taylor’s previous novel End from the Beginning which features an elongated sighing sequence as the first and last scene.

  • Kailn’s breakdown references Macbeth. In Taylor’s previous novel, Anne Sherborn was compared to Lady Macbeth.

  • Arlene is named after a colleague of the author’s, who requested a part. She said: “I don’t want to be an elf, I want to be a diva”. She is an elf, but quotes the line verbatim.

  • Janice del Ray says “your responsibility” is the “number one rule”, referring to the catchphrase of Number One in Taylor’s Monday: Impossible series.

  • Janice del Ray says “next year is going to be the most impossible year yet”, subtly nodding to the 10th anniversary of Monday: Impossible.

  • Trevonia’s final words in the novel are “Bon voyage”, the sign-off used in Taylor’s Monday Morning Post.

  • The word “phoenix” is a common Taylor Easter egg. Tobias’s neighbours are Fee and Nix.

  • The elven symbols spelling out “water” include a representation of a phoenix and a version of Taylor’s signature.


Fantasy homages

  • Harkisan’s former training partner, Ronald Reuel, is named after J.R.R. Tolkein.

  • Two signs in the Rassalon pub read Take And Remember Drinking Is Stealing and Established 50 Years. The first letters of the first sign spell TARDIS, an integral part of Doctor Who which was 50 the same month Fairydust was released. The landlord is named after the show’s creator, Sydney Newman.

  • Princess Maria assumes the alias Adriana, named after Adriana Caselotti, who voiced the first ever Disney princess, Snow White.

  • Andrew’s unicorn, Staple, is named after C.S. Lewis.

  • The Council member Jorowl is named after J.K. Rowling.


Other references

  • Ryan Kelly created the T’Sani for Fairydust, and receives a mention.

  • Kailn hallucinates his victim’s ghost and immovable blood on his hands, references to Macbeth.

  • Kailn uses the same words as Willie Loman in Death of a Salesman during a scene inspired by the play.

  • Daniel and Maria recite the lyrics to Time Warp during an argument.

  • A frame in the prequel’s cartoon sequence parodies The Lion King.

  • The royal baby is given the middle names of the real-life royal baby of Prince William and Kate Middleton, born the same year.

  • The Old Elvish quoted in the book is actually Latvian.

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