Good Monday morning!

The PGS Years (2003-06)

Simon's weekly satire launched in November 2003, mocking adolescent trauma in the style of breaking news and soap operas. Initially covering his high school, Monday Morning Post eventually diversified to cover many other areas of Simon's life and work in his usual tongue-in-cheek style.


The first season ran weekly until December 2004. A roster of regular features were complemented by a range of special editions. Every edition began with "Good Monday morning" and ended with "Bon voyage!". Simon made regular use of footnotes for the purposes of (often sarcastic) asides. Although MMP began as a postal subscription, digital versions were published from 2006 and print copies were later scrapped altogether.


A range of spin-off, mostly standalone, drama productions began from 2004. They would star his classmates and associates in exaggerated roles and were enthusiastically received. Drama productions included send-ups of reality TV, murder mysteries, quiz shows and spy thrillers. Simon often lampooned himself in exaggerated roles, and dramas were often released around major events and holidays. A number of specials were also released for charity.


When the eventual class of 2006 graduated high school, MMP produced additional issues on Tuesday to Friday of the final week, with guest editors helming the extra installments. Several five- or seven-day weeks were launched during subsequent high profile occasions, with Simon always fronting the main Monday edition and guest hosts filling in for the rest.

The Expansion Years (2006-08)

The Squeaks held the first regular column within Simon's magazine from 2007, with subsequent columnists taking over in later seasons. Columns often perpetuated running jokes throughout the series.


In 2007, further titles were launched. Popular favourites included Monday Morning Moan by L. Uvamone and the hand-drawn Monday Morning Manga by Jennie Young. A stable of a dozen titles would run each Monday. Simon's Monday Morning Post would run for months at a time, with other series running for six- or eight-week bursts within that period. By now a production house, also called Monday Morning Post, the company was led by Simon and split into three departments by genre. Each department was led by its own director, with Simon heading up Drama.


The Final Year (2009)

Simon chose to step down in 2009 to explore other projects. His final issue was an extended special, and included an article written especially for Monday Morning Post by then-Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Other contributors included Rector Emeritus of the school where it began, John C. Pears. Sir David Jason, Lord Alan Sugar, Sir Bruce Forsythe, Dame Judi Dench and over 30 more celebrities participated in some form. Simon was awarded a Blue Peter badge for the final edition, gifted a nodding buster from Paul O'Grady and presented with teabags by Tetley.


Beyond (2009-11)

Subsequent executive producers renamed the organisation Monday Morning Productions, which continued to produce new material for several years after Simon left. Simon remained a loyal subscriber to Monday Morning F-Email and Monday Morning Post-it: the two lead titles to replace his.

The making of


Date: 17 November 2003 - 29 July 2009

Format: Print Press (2003-07) | Digital Download (2006-09)


These (slightly redacted) notes from a 2010 Management Seminar have a nice overview of Monday Morning Post history and some nifty facts. Historians and diehard fanatics may find something interesting.


Wasn't WordArt great? Here are some of the mastheads that appeared in the early series. Later series saw a rather more sophisticated logo used across the whole estate.

Season 1
Season 1


Season 2
Season 2


Season 5
Season 5


Season 1
Season 1




A two-volume Treasury was published in case-wrap hardback edition. Volume 1 contained selected issues, reproduced for the very first time, including the first issue. 

Volume 2 featured a number of special editions: I'm A Celebrity Series 1 (2004); MMP Does Comic Relief (2005); PGS Soap Awards (2005); The Weakest Link Special (2005); Ur Ye Game? (2005); PGS @ Wesley Owen (2006); Quiz of Last Year (2007).