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This paper begins by establishing the veracity of the perception that boys underperform relative to girls in literacy attainment. A discussion of the reasons for this disparity follows, considering biological and societal arguments. The paper goes on to discuss approaches that can combat these issues and improve outcomes for boys in literacy. It is argued that selecting texts and media which affirm male readers’ validity will increase investment from male learners. The paper concludes by commenting on the gender imbalance of the early years workforce, and its impact on the attainment of male learners.


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Simon Taylor from the University of the West of Scotland is concerned with encouraging boys to read. He starts his paper by critically examining a perceived trend in the underperformance of boys in literacy development to ascertain whether it does really exist. Once the underperformance of boys relative to girls has been established, Simon discusses ways in which this situation can be addressed, with particular reference to the role of primary school teachers. Both causes and
solutions appear to be complex, but this paper certainly is constructive in its aim to improve the situation.




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Taylor, Simon (2017). Mind the Gap: Encouraging Boys to Read. STeP Journal, Vol 4 (2), pp. 4-10.

Mind the Gap: Encouraging Boys to Read

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