Good Monday Morning!


For the first time ever, a selection of the finest Monday Morning Post content is yours to keep forever in this limited edition, full colour, hardback treasury edition.


Printed on beautiful 80gsm stock and case bound for posterity, this commemorative special is a must for fans.


It includes:


  • Over 100 specially selected issues, reproduced in full colour with the original fonts, images and the famous footnotes
  • Digitally remastered reprints of paper-only original editions
  • Issue 1
  • The PGS finale specials
  • The original I'm A Celebrity daily specials
  • The Weakest Link Comic Relief special
  • Ur Ye Game? chairty special
  • The PGS Soap Awards
  • 2006 Quiz
  • PGS @ Wesley Owen


Gets yours today, and it'll be "what you did at the weekend". Bon voyage!


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Monday Morning Post: Treasury Edition