Book 3 is happening

It's been a wee while, but I'm ready to confirm the news you may have been waiting for, or dreading: it's time for another book.

This year will be half a decade since my last novel, Fairydust, was published. My last writing, the conclusion of the Monday: Impossible online spy series, wrapped in mid-2014 after ten years. And in the time since, I've invariably answered "When are you writing your next book?" with "I've retired". And I thought I had.

But ideas have rattled around my head. The themes have been marinading, the characters have been chatting and, last year, while interviewing a number of writers for Samey Books, the writing bug truly bit. It was time to come out of retirement.

I know a lot about Book 3 already. I know who it's about, and what it's about. I know the twists. I even know the title. Very soon, I'll tell you all about it. I just need to clear up what to share in advance and what to let shock you when you read it.

It's a little dauting to be back in the chair, but very, very exciting. I'm ready to get started. Come on, Book 3. The writing process begins again. Let's see what's in store this time.


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