Prism will feature soundtrack on Spotify

I'm really excited to share a special feature of Prism with you - a specially curated soundtrack on Spotify!

My new book will feature Spotify 'codes' - a unique QR code you scan on your phone that takes you directly to a specific track, playlist or artist. Which means, embedded in the story, there will be specifically chosen pieces of music that capture the mood of the moment.

When I plan scenes in my head, I listen to music. Then, when I write, I listen to the same pieces. I'm looking forward to sharing them with you so that you can let the music transport you into the same story.

It's also an exciting new dimension to bookdom. I like thinking about new ways to make books work for their shelf space, and this integration with digital media is something I'm really looking forward to incorporating into Prism.

For those of you without a fancy phone, I'll try to write a half decent story to keep you amused.

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