Panto? Oh yes I am!

So, I'm trying my hand at panto! Oh yes I am.

I can't say too much about it, because the group that are performing it should be in charge of those sorts of things, but I can tell you I've sharpened my pencil.

The last play I wrote was 13 years ago: The Magical Land of Ruby was panto-esque, and I wrote it alongside Kirsty Waddell and Natalie Deacon. It was, also, performed to a generous audience of schoolchildren but I was involved in everything from set design to directing and producing. It was an exhausting yet exhilarating roller coaster and a highlight of what was, all round, a corking great year.

This time, it's an hour of jokes that have to be all my own, and will hopefully translate well to an equally kind audience. Maybe some mulled wine would be a useful addendum to the printed programmes.

You can imagine my wife's delight to arrive home yesterday to hear me playing Christmas music and tapping away on my keyboard. This new masterpiece will be rooted in a panto classic tale, with a Paisley twist.

I'm excited for this unusual - and unexpected - foray into the world of slapstick melodrama.

Now, where's my notebook? Oh yes, he's behind me...

(PS - no truth in the rumour I'll be making a guest appearance as Window Lanky)

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