Prism synopsis unveiled

Actual news on Prism.

So far, my two-week writing retreat is going well. More than 30,000 words of Prism are banked and I've even had some good reactions to my read throughs (hooray!).

With a much clearer picture of what I can reveal now, and what to utterly befuddle you with later, I can finally share the synopsis. I appreciate details on the what-is-Prism-about front have been scant, so hopefully this will whet your appetite a bit.

The full description, coming soon to the back of a book near you, reads:

Villains are just heroes who aren’t on your side.

A sleepy village full of secrets. Everybody knows everyone, but nobody knows anything. Even those closest to you might not be on your side.

Tucked away where nobody can find them, the village locals come face-to-face with conspiracy, kidnapping and betrayal. Laced with tension, twists and ever-shifting power, Prism will shock you all the way until its dramatic conclusion.

There are no heroes, just winners and losers. Anybody is capable of anything, for the right reason.

Nothing is what you think.

It’s all a matter of perspective.

Right, I'm away to ruin some more fictitious people's lives now. Chat soon.

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