780 Mondays later...

It's been how long?

Good Monday morning everyone, and welcome to the disturbing news that it has been FIFTEEN YEARS since the first edition of Monday Morning Post.

That's seven-and-a-half times as long as Brexit negotions, folks.

The first humble copy of the crazy juggernaut hit school desks on Monday, 17 November 2003. Now, I'm 30 next month which means I've been alive for pretty much as long after it all began as I had before it started.

People born when the first issue was printed are all grown up and underage drinking WKD.

I've been asked more than once if I'd revive MMP, and I'd be fibbing if I said I've never been tempted: of course I have. It was immensely fun and, on a personal level, it's become a record of times that are long enough ago to be remembered with fuzzy nostalgia.

Oh, the high jinx of that terrorist attack special edition in 2007 😐 

And both the cat and the dog who featured are dead now. Sorry.

In lots of ways, a revived MMP would be an even bigger challenge than the first attempt. Not least, it has a legacy to live up to that boasted, at the time, every living Prime Minister up to the incumbent, Gordon Brown. Volunteers to WhatsApp David Cameron, for the revival anyone? 

And how could you compete with the CD-ROM release of the official PC game in 2004? You're not telling me MMP should get an app for goodness sake? It's bad enough that the Queen uses Twitter. To me, it feels very much of its time and not something that would settle into the impending third decade of the 21st century. At least, not without significant changes that would render it quite un-Post-ish.

I also generally take the view that's it's pointless to resurrect anything unless you can do a better job of it than the first time. With MMP, I've never been convinced that I, personally, can improve on it. Nobody wants to make the next Home Alone 3, do they?

MMP was quite a ride. I'm proud of it, and thankful for it, in equal measure. 

The slogan, you may remember, was Capturing tomorrow's memories, and perhaps the kindest thing to do is to let Monday Morning Post keep its promise and be the source of countless barmy, insane memories for years to come. 

Bon voyage.

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