100 days to go

There are 100 days to go until the worldwide release of Prism.

I'm therefore doing the typical authory thing of tinkering and fiddling when I really need to stop. I am, essentially, that parent at the school gates, clutching desperately to the hand of the kid who is eager to gallop into education. This is one of the most terrifying bits of what a more pretentious chap might call the "writing process". The point at which I cede control entirely and let it go out in the world. I have genuine affection for my characters and love the fictional village of Phoenix, and I don't want to say cheerio and leave them. I've had an absolute ball writing Prism, and even though my final deadline is fast approaching and I'm being booked to talk about it and think up something profound to say, I keep on fiddling with it and finessing the final edit.

But it's time to wave it off. I'm really looking forward to hearing everybody's views on it. I know I'm supposed to say that, but I really am. It's fundamental to Prism that motivations and secrets are unveiled throughout. There's no clear cut "bad guy" and I'm fascinated to know what you think. There are some really cracking reviewers and critics lined up to publish their thoughts, and for me it's fascinating to discover their reaction. I'll be over here lurking at the school gates, in a non-creepy way, waiting to find out. Prism will be published on 5 May 2019 by Samey Books.


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