Go forth and buy

Time is upon us - Prism is ready to pre-order.

Here's the deal: you can pre-order Prism and save a nifty 10% which will cover your coffee for while you read it. And if you order from this website, then it'll be fulfilled by the publisher and dispatched in time to reach you on the release date. Click here to pre-order.

Digital bookworms can pre-order on Kindle too.

As you may already know, Prism is out in just over two months. In my humble, if biased, opinion the story is pretty cool and suspense fans should enjoy it.

I won't fall into the trap of saying "fans of Gillian Flynn" because that's a rookie error for setting yourself up for a fall, but Gone Girl is one of the best books ever written and I hope to have packed some similarly shocking, game changing twists.

If that doesn't convince you, the embedded soundtrack (courtesy of our friends at Spotify) might.

So, if you fancy giving it a punt, reserve your copy while it's cheap.

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